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With nearly four decades in the air conditioning and cooling system industry, Long Island's Cap-A Radiator and its subsidiaries, Classic Heaters and Classic Radiator, have seen our share of coolant and refrigerant leaks. We understand the problems that you have with your antique automobile and we know how to fix 'em.

We've spent the past 20+ years tracking down the parts that are     most commonly needed in the vintage cooling and A/C vehicles that we service. While many are no longer available, we have in stock or access to many antique cooling system parts. Also, as a Vintage Air dealer, distributor and installer, we can get you many of the air conditioning parts you need and we can even professionally install an A/C system in many vehicles that never had one out of the factory!

So please take a look at our catalog and if you don't find what you're looking for, please give us a call as there is still a good chance that we can source it!

We carry:

Ford expansion tanks

Heater control valves

Electric fans

Mechanical fans

Transmission coolers

Engine oil coolers

Gas tanks

Universal fit radiators

Aluminum high performance radiators

Copper/Brass high efficiency radiators

A/C compressors, condensers evaporators

A/C hoses, valves, switches and more

Evans waterless coolant




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