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Yes, we can help!

We've been in the business of repairing, cleaning and restoring gas tanks and diesel tanks for nearly forty years and can rebuild or replace nearly any tank.



Our primary businesses are radiators, heaters and air conditioning parts and service, but we carry more than just those parts. You're probably not aware that we've been in the fuel tank business for 38 years. If you need a gas tank (or a diesel tank) and if it's available anywhere, we can get it for you! If not, we can fix it, no matter how bad it is (except for late model plastic tanks).

We've had many gas tanks come into our shop from project cars, trucks and motorcycles that have been parked for decades. Unfortunately, if the gas wasn't drained (and it wasn't, because nobody ever intends to abandon a car), the fuel will get really nasty. If it set long enough, it will become solid! When this occurs, we clean the tank out to be 100% certain that it no longer has gas fumes. In many severe cases, we need to literally cut the tank open and clean out the inside by sandblasting, grinding and scraping out the rust. In cases of a prior coating gone bad, we sometimes have to burn off the old coating to get down to the base steel. After cleaning and further inspecting we might need to weld patches onto any very bad sections and then weld the tank closed again. 

We often find small holes in the tank from where it rotted over the years, but that's okay. Once we clean the tank out, we get the torch again and reassemble it. Tanks that have major rust may also need a plate or two welded on before proceeding to the next step. That is when we coat the entire inside of the tank with a special product called Red Kote, which was designed specifically for sealing the entire inside of rusted-out fuel tanks. If the customer desires, we can also sandblast or otherwise clean the outside of the tank and protect that with an external coating. once it's dried, we test the tank to make certain that there isn't the slightest leak and ship it back to the customer with instructions to clean the entire fuel system and change the fuel filter before firing up the engine.

No matter how bad a tank gets, we are probably able to fix it. Here's a pictorial of how we rebuild a fuel tank from the inside out!

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