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Honeycomb Radiators and Cellular Heaters & Radiators

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

At Classic Radiators and Heaters, we are one of America's leading vintage radiator repair shops and we can recore any antique automotive radiator or heater, no matter how unusual!

Round heaters, U-shaped heaters, double heaters, triple heaters -- we've repaired and recored all of them. Note: due to concerns for our customers' safety, we will not repair gasoline or kerosene burning heaters.

Whether you own an antique show car with all matching numbers or a souped-up classic with a small-block V8 and Vintage Air system (which we install here, by the way), we can help you!

There are literally dozens of different OEM honeycomb and cellular cores available and we have access to (we believe) all of them! Check out the informative graphic below.

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