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In today's world, radiators -- and the entire cooling system -- only serve a function: to cool the engine (and often the transmission) so that the vehicle won't overheat. And while that's always been the backbone of the cooling system, we know that in the old days, the radiator did much more than simply keep the engine from self-destructing: the radiator was a thing of beauty and an integral aspect of the car's features. Some car companies even had rules limiting what a shop could do with their radiators. Rolls-Royce even went as far as telling their coach-builders that any Rolls chassis that had the radiator modified in any way, the resultant vehicle would never be considered a Rolls-Royce product!

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We feel that here at Classic Radiator, we are the most complete radiator repair company on the planet! Most of the jobs that we do here are American cars from the 1950s through the early 1970s muscle cars, we are one of the extremely-few shops left in the world that are capable of handling all your radiator needs, whether it's for an original honeycomb radiator to be displayed on the concours at Amelia Island, a racing radiator to compete in vintage racing at Hershey, a late model aluminum radiator to compete at your local track, or even a repair to your dirt track racing radiator. Fortunately for you, Classic Radiator is capable of all of those - and so much more! Whether it's a Model T radiator with its dozens of working parts, a honeycomb radiator for a 1930 Dodge with all of its crazy dimensions or a heater core-style cellular radiator for a 1940 Chevy, we can make it to your specifications and nobody, not even the judges at Amelia Island or Monterrey, will be able to tell that it’s not the stock radiator installed some 80 years ago!

We can fix nearly any cooling system or A/C problem, even if you happen to need a double-core radiator for a functioning 1944 Sherman Tank, as did the American Armored Museum in Bethpage, NY that contracted Cap-A Radiator to recore this amazing piece of battlefield machinery. Please click here for the pictures!

If you're unfamiliar with the term "recore," we will be giving a full explanation in our upcoming  post "Repair, Recore, Replace... What's the difference?" For now, suffice it to say that a "recore" involves removing the end tanks from a radiator and installing a new center (or "core"). When done correctly, this will not only bring the vehicle's cooling system up-to-date, but will keep its authenticity, as well.

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Come inside by clicking here and have a look at our work. We're very proud of the craftsmanship that goes into it! You're even welcome to check us out on Yelp or Google -- and if you're already a client, we encourage you to leave feedback on the work we've already done. Here is the Yelp page for our radiator shop.

You're also welcome to look through our classic radiator catalog to see if we already have (or can get) what you need as a brand new unit. Our suppliers build a large number of standard replacement and heavy duty radiators for vehicles from the 1920s through the 1980s and we can recore almost anything!

While you're here, we do carry some other cooling system parts for certain vehicles, including expansion tanks for antique Ford Galaxies, Cobras and more, heater control valves, a limited number of radiator hoses and, of course, one of our other specialties, gas tanks. Click here for more on fuel tank repair, rebuilding and replacement.

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