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1944 Sherman Tank — Double Recore

We are very proud of our American heritage and do whatever we can to keep it going. Classic Radiator / Cap-A-Radiator has repaired and recored numerous radiators for the American Armored Museum in Bethpage, NY including radiators for a Greyhound APC, staff cars and Jeeps. Classic Radiator/Cap-A-Radiator also still services radiators and fuel tanks for the American Airpower Museum in Farmingdale, NY.


This is one of our many proud achievements. Back when the two museums were housed together, Cap-A Radiator received a call from the museum, explaining that their functioning 1944 Sherman tank wasn’t functioning due to a radiator leak. Bill went to the museum to remove the radiator, which, as it turns out, is actually two radiators. Due to their age and decades of dry-rot, the radiator needed to be recored. Bill designed the cores, had them made and installed them into the existing tanks. He proceeded to install the radiator back into the tank and, several gallons of water and anti-freeze later, had it running fantastically!

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